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Locked Objects

CommonSpot initially locks objects imported into a site, to:

CommonSpot identifies the source object through the Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) created when an object is first exported. This GUID uniquely identifies the object across all servers. When an object is imported, CommonSpot checks the object's GUID (and the GUIDs of any other contained exported objects). If a locked object with the same GUID exists on the target (import) server, the object is imported into the object with the same GUID, irrespective of the object's name. If an object with the same GUID is not found, a new object is created. If the new object has the same name as the object being imported, CommonSpot automatically assigns a new name formatted as [orginalname]_imported_[timestamp].

Locked objects display with a padlock icon. Note that you cannot export or modify locked objects. See What You Can and Cannot Export Import.


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