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Manage Companies

CommonSpot manages all user and group information within a Users database. Organizations typically have one Users database, consolidating all users into a single source, represented by a single company definition. If your CommonSpot installation functions as a hosting site or if it otherwise makes sense to associate users with companies, use this dialog to create those associations. Access this dialog from Administrators Reference.

For more on multiple Users databases, see Administrators Reference and Administrators Reference. For more on configuring the Users database see Administrators Reference under Server Configuration.

Use this dialog to view currently defined companies and to add, edit, or deactivate company definitions.

Use the dropdowns to optionally search by name or description and/or state. Click the Filter button to run your search, or Clear to reset criteria.

Click the edit icon to modify a company definition.

Click to toggle active/inactive state.

Clicking the associated delete icon to remove company records.

Click Add Company to create a new company.


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