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CommonSpot provides a powerful set of tools and configuration controls to optimize page rendering time based on your site's specific activity and needs. Use the Performance options to analyze and tune page, Element, and cache performance.

Cache Clear Settings control site-wide cache regeneration for Page Index and Custom Elements that display lists based on filters or manual selection. You can optimize for authoring performance, read performance, or both. Use these settings in combination with Stale Cache and Scheduled Job options to obtain the best balance between content freshness and site performance.

Analyze performance and generate reports on an ad hoc basis or as a scheduled job, at intervals that make sense for your site. Each analysis generates a report that includes details on rendering times for each page, as well as response times for each Element, including reasons for dynamic rendering, where applicable.

You can define your own criteria for what constitutes Good, Fair, and Poor page response times and use that criteria to analyze performance for every page on your site or a subset of pages, to identify and troubleshoot problem pages and Elements.

CommonSpot maintains a record for each generated report in analysis history. Use this history to conveniently review and compare performance reports. You can specify the number of days to keep these reports.

Use LRU (least recently used) internal memory cache reports to analyze site memory use for specific cache objects and adjust size based on available memory.

Also see the following topics for help optimizing performance:

See also the description and installation instructions for Cache Servers in the Shared Database Configuration Guide and performance settings described in the CommonSpot Developer's Guide.


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