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In order to help administrators manage content within sites or subsites, CommonSpot provides a set of standard reports containing useful views of pages, images, and other CommonSpot objects.

Access this information by choosing Reports from the main CommonSpot menu.

Each report provides a set of standard sorting and viewing options, including site hierarchy, owner, page/document type, size, state (Current, WIP, Pending Approval, Inactive, etc.) and creation, publishing, last modified, or last major modification date.

Selecting a report displays a table of results. Note that site or subsite size and the level of filtering criteria applied may produce load time waits.

If your site requires additional information, developers can create custom reports from CommonSpot data. All of the tables within the CommonSpot database are open and can be queried by ColdFusion code. The main table for storing page information is contained within the SitePages table. Subsites are managed within the Subsites table and usage data is stored in the Usage Data table.


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