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Creating and Managing Scheduled Jobs

It is often best to perform site maintenance tasks at scheduled times without human intervention. For example, you might want to rebuild site cache on the authoring server during off-business hours, or route a nightly report of broken links to page owners or administrators.

To accomplish these kinds of tasks, CommonSpot provides a robust and flexible facility for creating and managing the execution of background scheduled jobs on one or more servers.

Under the covers, each Scheduled Job invokes a specific CommonSpot API "command" call, including defined properties, at a specified time, on one or more specified servers. Any of the 1,000+ command API calls can be used to create a CommonSpot scheduled job.

The first step in creating a scheduled job is choosing which job definition to use. Definitions identify the command API method to invoke and which input parameters are required. Site administrators can create XML job definitions and import them into CommonSpot. See the example XML file and README in commonspot/samples.

Once imported, non-technical users can then create schedules for jobs based on the imported definition.

NOTE: As of the Winter 2012 release (v. 7.0), CommonSpot refreshes credentials for any scheduled jobs a user owns, which may result in scheduled jobs not running unless the owner is logged in. Administrators must be aware of this when changing permissions or group membership for users who own scheduled jobs. If a job owner is unavailable, another user with the appropriate administrative rights (for the level the job runs) can enable jobs by simply submitting job properties or the schedule dialog to refresh credentials (no changes are needed).


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