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Select Subsite

This dialog displays for all CommonSpot operations that require selecting a destination subsite for standard CommonSpot tasks, such as page creation. Administrators click Subsite Administration from the Admin menu to display the Select Subsite dialog.

View by Subsite Hierarchy, as shown below.

You can also use Subsite Search to apply search criteria to subsite selection. Filter by subsite parent name or URL, or enter a name or character to filter using other operators. For example, search for subsites that begin with the letter s, which returns the spanish subsite as shown below.

You can also sort by alpha or numeric value.

Your selection is highlighted. Click Next to navigate to the subsite or Cancel to exit.

Selecting the top-level subsite selects or navigates to the root-level subsite.

Note: The root-level subsite is considered a subsite just like any other subsite, but is under the exclusive control of the site administrator.


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