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Site Properties/Settings

Expand the Site Properties/Settings section of the Site Administration Dashboard left panel to view options for configuring various site-wide settings.

To view or change root subsite display name (the name that appears in hierarchical Elements, like breadcrumbs, and in the Site Information center panel) or description, use Subsite Properties - Subsite Name.

General Settings - Set site-wide publishing, logging, and workflow parameters; enable/disable the HTML5 doctype and sectioning options.

Left Pane Settings - Customize the appearance of the CommonSpot left-pane for your authors, editors, and designers.

My CommonSpot Sections - Show/hide, add, modify, or remove My CommonSpot sections for your site.

Report Settings - Set parameters for CommonSpot reports and search results.

Language Support - Set language options for your site.

Cache Properties - Set site-wide defaults for handling static/dynamic content.


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