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Social Media Services

This dialog displays social media services supported in this release of CommonSpot. To centrally manage social media communications for your site, you must first register CommonSpot with the services you use. See Site Admin - Social Media for an overview of these steps, and Integrating Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for detailed instructions on registering CommonSpot with specific services. A green check mark in the Registered column indicates active registration.

Once registration is in place, you can set up channels (accounts) for each service and schedule automatic postings through rules. Create and manage rules and monitor comments and updates through the Social Media section of My CommonSpot. Social media managers must have Social Media admin rights assigned in Site General Security.

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Type: Describes the kind of social media used for this service. This release supports text messages with the option to include URLs, shortened URLs, and images.

Name: The service name and icon.

Description: The type of service.

Channels: The number of channels (accounts) defined for publishing to this service. Click through to view channels defined for your site and their availability.

Registered: Whether CommonSpot is registered ( ) or unregistered ( - grayed out) for this service. See Integrating Facebook, Integrating Twitter, and Integrating LinkedIn.

Actions: Click the edit icon to view or modify registration properties for this service. See Edit Social Media Service.

If CommonSpot is currently registered with this service, the add channel icon displays. Click to create a new social media channel for this service.


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