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Subsite Administration Dashboard

The Subsite Administration dashboard controls content, template, page, and subsite creation options for individual subsites.

Choose Admin - Subsite Administration and select a subsite to display the Subsite Administration dashboard, or replace the filename portion of any CommonSpot URL with admin.cfm, to navigate to the Subsite Administration dashboard for that subsite. See URL Shortcuts for more information.

Site-level administrators can also access subsites through the Subsite Listing option of the Site Administration Dashboard.

For full access to subsite administration, you must have explicit or inherited Administration permissions. You can selectively assign subsite administration rights.

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Note: The root-level subsite is considered a subsite just like any other subsite, but is under the exclusive control of the site administrator.

This dashboard displays the following left-panel accordion options:


Subsite Content Classification




Shared Database


The center panel displays the following:

Subsite Information

Subsite Statistics

Create and Manage Subsites



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