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Subsite Information

Optionally show or hide this section of the dashboard. Subsite Information displays basic subsite data and gives you options for viewing subsite structure or navigating to subsite pages.

From this section you can Clear Subsite Cache or click to toggle subsite Activation. Activated subsites are published and visible, inactive subsites are available only to those with Author, Edit, Design, Style, or Admin privileges. You can also rename the current subsite.

ID: The CommonSpot identifier for this subsite.

Description: You can change this and the display name (below) by expanding the Properties left panel and clicking Subsite Name or use the Rename Current Subsite option.

Display Name: The name defined for the subsite for dynamically generated Elements such as Breadcrumbs.

URL: The web address defined for the subsite. You can change this by renaming the subsite. Click the link to navigate to the subsite home page. Click the folder icon to view a complete listing of pages and child subsites contained within this subsite.

Directory: Displays the location of this subsite within the file system

Web Master Email: The email address for the subsite webmaster, if registered. See .


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