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Actions Menu

Use the Actions menu to copy, rename, and move pages and to change page state and interactivity settings.

This menu displays the following options

Copy Page – Duplicate the current page.

Move Page – Displays options for relocating the current page.

Rename Page – Allows for the current page to be renamed.

Delete Page – Allows contributors with Admin rights to delete the page.

Deactivate Page – Makes the current page unavailable for CommonSpot functions.

Lock Page – Exclude other users from updating the current page.

Change Owner – Define a new owner for the current page.

Subscribe to Changes – Choose to view updates to the current page via email subscription or My Notifications.

Add Freshness Reminder – Ticklers for content updates.

Create Work Request – Allows the current user to submit a work request for the current page.

Create Social Media Post – Displays if the current user has permission to post to social media channels. Allows posting to a social media site from the current page.

Send Review via Email - Allows contributors to share current and pending pages with non-contributors by sending them through e-mail as HTML attachments.

View Usage Statistics – Review activity for selected pages.

Clear & Update Cache – Clears cache and reloads the current page.


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