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ARIA Landmarks

This panel displays when you click the ARIA Landmarks link in the Accessibility left pane. Use it to review ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) landmarks within the current page. It can help you to evaluate how well page navigation is organized for screen reader access using the ARIA standard.

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Click an item to highlight corresponding page components. CommonSpot supports the eight landmark roles for content regions currently defined by the ARIA standard.

It is generally agreed that using this method to organize content requires placing all content in landmark regions to prevent orphaning. For this reason, it's best to create landmarks at the template level so that roles consistently apply to multiple pages. Add ARIA landmarks to pages through Container Layout Properties (see the description of this dialog under "Container Element" in the Elements Reference for details).

For both general and CommonSpot-specific information on using landmarks to improve accessibility, see Developing Accessible Content in CommonSpot in the Administrator's Reference.


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