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CommonSpot Features

CommonSpot empowers any and all Web site users with the following, all without leaving the Web browser:

You do not need to learn any new software or programming languages. The technicalities of Web authoring are managed through commonly understood screen components — icons, menus, and wizards — added to the standard browser and tailored, page by page, to the role and permissions of the individual. Individuals or departmental teams can now take responsibility for Web authoring and publishing, without funneling work through specialists.

With CommonSpot, users can leverage the Web to its fullest by participating directly in the medium and communicating ideas and information with colleagues, business partners and customers without depending on technical Web resources. Without these constraints, all users can share information from the desktop with anyone, anywhere, effortlessly and in real time.

CommonSpot accomplishes all of this by providing benefits in the following six key areas: empowered authoring and publishing, presentation management, content scheduling and personalization, content management, distributed administration and security, and tools.


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