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Create Work Request

CommonSpot provides a controlled way for you to ask another contributor to start, work on, or finish specific tasks. Access this dialog to initiate and assign tasks by selecting Create Work Request from the Actions menu or Manage Work Requests from the Reminders section of My CommonSpot. You can also access this option by clicking the More Actions icon for a selected item in My Pages or other reports and search results that include this option.

Note: Before you can initiate work requests, your site administrator must first allocate work request resources through Site Administration - Approval and Workflow - Work Request Resources. Commonspot reports an error if no resources are configured.

CommonSpot automatically records and tracks task status and optionally deletes completed tasks so you never have to think about following up or removing old requests. This dialog displays in edit mode for existing work requests viewed from Manage Work Requests.

Work Type: Select from the dropdown.  The CommonSpot Site Administrator defines options available here through Site Administration - Approval & Workflow – Work Request Resources.

User/Group: Select from the dropdown.  For each Work Type available, the CommonSpot Site administrator creates user/group associations.  Selecting a work type without this association generates an error.

Title: Required.  Enter a descriptive title for this request.

Due Date: Required. Click the calendar icon to set a deadline.

Scope: Select from the dropdown. You can create work specific to the current file or object type or create a general request.

Urgency: Select from the dropdown.

Notes: Required. Include additional information or instructions.

Notification: Select the appropriate option.  Defaults to all selected. 

Removal:  Automatically deletes this request from the Manage Work Requests view once it's completed.


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