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Customizable Left Pane

The left pane of the CommonSpot workspace provides convenient links to page creation and optimization tasks and tools.

You may see all, a subset, or a different set of options than those displayed here. Site administrators define the level of access for each panel, set default display, and can show/hide or create custom panels for individual or organizational needs. See Left Pane Settings in the CommonSpot Administrator’s Reference for information on site-level configuration options for the left pane.

With appropriate permissions, you can personalize the left pane by choosing icon or panel display, showing/hiding panels, and setting order. Click the Customize Left Pane option .


By default, left pane options appear as follows:

Page Tools - View and act on link and activity reports.

Page View - View publishing and approval status for the current page.

Grid Row Layout - Choose from available grid layouts and click and drag to insert elements into the grid.

Page Details - View useful background information about the current page and lock/unlock pages.

Page Contributors - See who currently owns and works on the page

Community - View and interact with the CommonSpot community.

Page Versions - Compare two versions of a page.

Page Performance - Review response time for individual page elements.

Customize left pane - Show/hide, choose display type and set order.

Accessibility - See your pages the way users of assistive devices do.

Search Engine Optimization - View reports that analyze how well the page is optimized for search engines.

Grid Row layout - Choose layouts for responsive pages and drag and drop element on pages.

Analytics - Review visitor statistics for current page.


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