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Edit Image

You can conveniently edit images from multiple locations in CommonSpot: from Find Image – Search Results, from My Content - My Images, from saved image searches, and from image reports.


Click the More Actions icon and select Edit Image.  The Edit Image dialog displays.

This dialog presents the following options. Access all editing functions using the buttons on the left of the Image Editor.


Crop and Resize

Rotate Left and Rotate Right

Flip Vertically and Flip Horizontally

Blur Image and Sharpen Image

Increase Contrast and  Decrease Contrast

Increase Brightness and Decrease Brightness

Negative image


Compress Image

Zoom In and Zoom Out

Reset Zoom


Button-Level Help

Note: Changes you make to an image are made to the original image file on the server. If you don’t want to overwrite the original file, make sure you save it as a new file with a new name.

The bottom of the Image Editor interface displays information about the current image (path, name, dimensions, size):






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Negative Image

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Edit Updated Image Properties

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