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Element Security

With the appropriate permissions, you can view or change authoring rights to an Element within the page view.  In author mode, click the Element icon to expand options. Click More, then select Element Security.

The Element Security dialog displays.

The first section indicates if any custom permissions apply to the Element.  These permissions override those created at the site level, unless they were enforced.Optionally click the Restore Default Security button to remove customizations and revert to standard Element permissions defined for the site.

Groups and users display with associated permissions. Click column heads to sort by Type, Name, or Permission. Permission type is indicated by the display:

To change permissions for an existing user or group, click the edit icon to display the Add Element Permissions dialog in edit mode .

To grant permissions for a new user or group, click Add User or Add Group to open the Element Security - Add Users or Element Security Add Groups dialog.


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