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Lock/Unlock Template

The Actions menu displays Lock/Unlock Template when a you are viewing a template. Choose this option to enable/disable other users from editing the current template.

This option is also available from My Templates and other reports including templates.  See the Report of Pages, Templates, Uploaded Docs and Registered URLs in the CommonSpot Administrator’s Reference.

CommonSpot allows any contributor with author rights to a template to explicitly lock it to prevent others from making changes.

Once a template is locked, only the person who locked it, or administrators, can edit, move, rename, delete, or otherwise change it. For others, the template is in a read-only state and Take Control is not an option. Use this feature to maintain template integrity when updating them over a long period of time.

In addition to explicit locking, CommonSpot automatically prevents multiple authoring sessions on the same page or template at the same time, to prevent editing conflicts and overwriting. CommonSpot creates a database entry at the start of each authoring session and displays Take Ownership or Cancel options when you try to enter author mode on a template someone else is editing.

Error messages vary based on who encounters the lock.

Attempting to re-enter author mode on a page where you own the lock displays the Page Worked on in Another Session message.

If you try to author a page currently locked by another user, you receive the Page Worked on by Another User error.

These actions unlock explicitly locked pages:

Time Expires – A lock on a templte in Author mode remains open for the length of a user’s session, as specified in the  Session Timeout setting in the CommonSpot Server Configuration dialog.

Move out of Author mode – During the publishing process, you choose the Reload in Read Mode option, or manually enter Read mode.

Another user with sufficient rights breaks the lock – A user with Admin rights entered Author mode on the locked template and breaks your lock.

See also Element Locked.


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