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Manage Menu

Use this menu to manage action items, local formatting, and other activities and attributes for the current page. If your site licenses CommonSpot Social Media features and you have permission to create or manage posts, this menu also displays a Social Media option. Popup Menus and Current Page Set items also display conditionally.

For each page you can manage:

Freshness Reminders - View, change or add.reminders.

Work Requests - View, change, or create task assignments for the current page.

Contacts - View all contacts associated with the current page.

Notes - Add, edit, or delete notes for the current page.

My Tags - View, change, or create personalized keywords for the current page.

Page Security - View, change, or set page permissions.

Style Sheets – Define which Style Sheets to use with the current page.

Live Bookmarks – Defines which feeds link to the current page as Live Bookmarks.

Manage Social Media Posts - Conditionally displays for users with social media permissions. View, edit, and update current and planned postings generated from the current page.

Popup Menus – Displays in author mode, for viewing, defining, and setting attributes for popup menus for this page.

Current Page Set - Conditionally displays for pages that are members of a page set.

URLs - Displays URLs pointing to the current page and gives you options for changing, removing, or adding new redirects.


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