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Pending Approval

Once you have submitted the new content or the changes for approval, the Pending Approval icon replaces the Work In Progress icon next to the content in question.

CommonSpot can notify selected Approvers about content awaiting their approval two ways: by e-mail or through the My CommonSpot dashboard. The Submit Change dialog allows you to designate how CommonSpot should notify an approver.

The My CommonSpot dashboard provides users with a list of all the pages with content awaiting approval, with each entry linked directly to the page.

Approvers can accept the changes, reject them, or refer them back to you for further revision. If the changes are accepted, the Pending Approval icon disappears and CommonSpot publishes the updated page to the Web. If the submitted changes are referred back for further revision, the Pending Approval icon reverts to the Work In Progress icon.

To view the status of any pending approvals click the icon and select Status to open the Approval Status dialog.


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