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Popup Menu Inheritance Security

The Pop-Up Menu Inheritance Security dialog identifies who has rights to manage Pop-Up Menus. Inheritance security settings apply to all menus defined on a template. These options do not apply to CommonSpot pages.

Access this dialog in author mode by choosing Popup Menus from the Manage menu, and selecting Menu Inheritance Security as shown below.

Click the Change button to view or change inheritance restrictions. These settings control which options are available when editing security permissions. See Inheritance Restrictions.

You can assign Author, Design, Edit, or Admin privileges as follows:

To edit permissions for a user or group, click the edit icon . The Inherited Pop-up Menu Permissions dialog displays.

To grant permissions for a new user or group, click Add User or Add Group.

To delete all permissions for a user or group, click the delete icon, or selecte multiple users or groups and click Delete from the More Actions dropdown and click the the Go button.

Note that the deleted user or group may still have some permissions through membership in other groups.


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