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Rename Page

Use this dialog to rename the page within the current subsite. Navigate to the page you wish to rename, and select Rename Page from the Actions menu. Note that to rename a page in CommonSpot, you must have administrative rights to the page.

Fields within the Rename Page dialog are pre-populated with the current name, title, title bar caption, and description. You can overwrite any or all of these.

Clicking the yellow down arrow for Name pre-fills all of the following fields with the Name field value.

Clicking the yellow down arrow for Title pre-fills all of the following fields with the Title field value. Text entered here displays within the breadcrumb trail and Page Index Elements. Administrators can set a maximum length for this field.

The Title Bar Caption is the text that appears in the browser’s caption bar.

Accept the pre-filled values, or overwrite with new text.

Click Save to rename the page with any new values.

CommonSpot automatically updates all links. If automatic redirection is enabled for your site, CommonSpot also creates permanent redirect records for old and new URLs. You can view, modify, and delete these records, or manually create new records. See Manage URL Redirects for more information.

SEO Panel

Click the orange slider button to show/hide this right pane. This pane appears with scores for each field based on your site's page grading rules. For each field, CommonSpot displays Help for optimizing the page for external search engine ranking and dynamically returns returns a "before-and-after" score for each change you make, as shown below.

You can improve search engine results by following the suggestions.

Updating fields with suggested changes may be optional or required for both saving and publishing pages at your site. See the description for SEO Rule Warnings in Add SEO Reporting Group and SEO Field Help in the Administrator's Reference. See also Page Grading Rules.


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