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Restore Inherited Content/Properties

This dialog displays when you choose to restore inheritance for CommonSpot Elements and objects whose attributes derive from templates or other objects.

For example, use this to revert pop-up menus to their original design when undesired changes have been introduced at the page level. This option is available for individual work -in-progress Elements at the page level as shown below.

You can also access this option from the Manage Popups menu by choosing Pop-Up Menu Inheritance Security, for either all menus defined on the template or for specific pop-up menus.

The Restore Inherited Content/Properties dialog displays messages indicating whether the content and/or properties for the current object have been modified from those defined at the template level. For changed content, the dialog displays the checkbox option Delete the explicitly defined content for this element leaving an empty element. To complete the change, you must have modification rights to the derived pages.

Important Note: If you do not already have a backup of content affected by this change, back up databases and the site before completing this step. Restoring Inherited Content processes is irreversible in CommonSpot. For example, making this change for a component of a low-level template may introduce changes affecting the entire site.

See Inheritance Restrictions and Inheritance Restrictions Confirmation.

Clicking Save displays a confirmation prompt.

PaperThin recommends rebuilding cache files for the scope of the change.


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