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Submit Entire Element for Publication

This dialog displays in author mode when you click Submit Element for a single Element.

Approval:  Lists approvers, if any, or displays the message shown above.

Publication Comment:  Optionally include remarks.

Actions:  Select the appropriate action:

Treat content change as significant:  When checked (default), CommonSpot associates these changes with Last Major Modification status in reports that include this filter, for example, My Pages, as shown below.  This filter appears for all reports and search results that include the Date Restrictions option for quick identification and review of changes that your organization rates as important.

Validate external links:  When checked (default) verifies all links.  On submit, the Validating External URLs dialog displays.

View page as published after submission:  Defaults to unchecked.  If checked, displays the page as currently published (in read mode).

On submit, CommonSpot displays the Publishing Change dialog with status.


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