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Upload New Document

CommonSpot provides several methods for adding external content to sites. You can incorporate PDF files and Microsoft Word documents directly into CommonSpot pages via corresponding Element types, or use the Web Process Element for external Web pages. You can make both uploaded documents and external web pages targets of CommonSpot links via the Insert Link dialog.

CommonSpot also gives you the ability to define metadata for uploaded documents and external web pages, enabling search and management through the Find and Search functions. Depending on filtering criteria, Page Index elements can also include uploaded files. Note that external content is not searchable via the full-text search feature.

You can upload a single document or simultaneously upload multiple documents, images, or files and apply similar metadata to selected items. Upload multiple items through either the standard browse-and-select method or the drag-and-drop interface.

CommonSpot first stores multiple items in a pending state, for adding, deleting, or changing attributes such as name, description, or metadata before making them available on the site. If upload document types differ, CommonSpot prompts you to upload in batches to correctly apply metadata.

The process of uploading new documents and new versions of existing documents is similar to Creating a New Page.

To upload a single document, select  Upload Single Document. Next, complete the Standard or Custom Properties dialog, as you would during the page creation process. See Upload Multiple Documents for details on the process of adding documents in batches.

If your site associates custom metadata with uploaded documents, add Custom Properties information by clicking Next and completing the form.

For example, in the site using the form above, thumbnail representations are associated with uploaded documents to easily identify them. This custom properties form prompts for selecting a thumbnail image during new document upload.

Click Save to complete the document upload.

To upload new versions of existing documents, use the Find or My Uploaded Documents or report dialogs. Click the Metadata & Security icon for a selected document, then click Upload New Version.


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