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View Menu

Use the View menu to enter Read, Author, Edit, or Approve modes for viewing pages or to preview how pages with grid layouts display across devices. You must have the associated permissions to access each mode. The View menu displays as part of the standard authoring menu bar that appears after login. You can access this menu by choosing Work on This Page from the CommonSpot entrance tab.

The following provides a brief overview of each menu option. For more detailed information on any menu, click the associated link.

View Page as Published – Switches to Read Mode.

Work on this Page (My Changes) - Switches to Author Mode and shows your current changes (if any).

Work on this Page (All Changes) – Switches to Edit Mode and shows all current changes to the page (if any).

Work on this Page (Approval) - If you have any approvals pending for the current page, displays Approval icons for content requiring your OK.

Containers: Toggles the display of Container Element icons on the page. These are Elements that hold other Elements (Tabular Layout, Scheduled/Personalize, and Container elements).

Element Tools: Toggles the display of non-container Element icons on the page.

Add Element Links: Toggles the display of Insert New Element links on the page.

You can access these same three functions from the toolbar menu, as shown below.

Hiding tools simplifies your view of the page, which is helpful for pages containing many Elements. The state of each tool is remembered from page to page, separately for each user. Icons and associated menu options display only if you have rights to access them.

Breadcrumb Toolbar: Toggles the display of hierarchical breadcrumbs for the current page.

Pages using grid layouts display breakpoint options so you can easily preview pages across devices. Commonly used breakpoints are shown above and described below. Because administrators define and name breakpoints, your site may display a different set of options than those shown here. See Site Administration - Responsive Design - Responsive Design Breakpoints for more information. Click each option to see how the current page displays on mobile, hand-held, or larger devices.

Extra Small - Preview the page sized for a hand-held device.

Small - Preview the page as it would display on a tablet.

Medium - Preview the page for a standard desktop monitor.

Large - Preview for a large monitor.

Full width - This option is always available for previewing the page with no breakpoints.

See also the CommonSpot Menu Bar.



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