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Choose Layout

For CommonSpot elements that support custom rendering (through either a render handler or display template) the element menu shows a Choose Layout option. Contributors can click this option to view all available layouts for the current element and to select, change, or add a layout.

This feature make it easy to preview and pick the best format for your content, or to quickly modify or create one that fits your needs. Each option displays with an explanatory description and a set of action options. The current default displays in bold.

Click column heads to sort by Name or Description.

Note that CommonSpot provides two methods of customizing the rendering of element content. Both appear in the Choose Layouts listing.


The layout listing grid displays the following columns:

Name: This column displays the CommonSpot name for the display template or render handler. Layouts with example images include a preview icon . Mouseover to see how Element data will display.

Description: Optional. Add a description to make selection easier.

Actions: Click the edit icon to modify a selected render handler or display template, or click Add Render Handler or Add Display Template to create a new layout for Element data. See the Administrator's Reference for details. Click the deleteicon to remove a layout record for this Element. Note that this removes the display template or render handler from this list, but does not delete the file. You cannot delete CommonSpot "factory" render handlers or display templates.

Click Save to apply the highlighted selection to the current Element or Cancel to exit without saving.


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