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Container Element

The Container element is one of the primary CommonSpot elements, especially for use in templates. Container Elements can hold one or more “child’’ elements, including other Containers. CommonSpot includes features for scheduling child elements based on a variety of criteria to make it easy to personalize content and dynamically display different elements.

Because the Container element allows for placement of child elements it is often used to provide the structure of a template. For example, you can build a template with two columns by instantiating two different Container elements, one for each column.

With the introduction of CommonSpot 10.0, Containers can be configured as grids, allowing contributors to specify one or more rows, where each row has its own separate layout and classes and can contain one or more elements. For example, row one might use a single column layout with a width of 100%, row two 50%-50%, row three 33%-33%-33%, etc., with a separate set of classes for each row to control styling. This grid row layout functionality makes it easy for designers to create and contributors to build pages designed for responsive multi-device delivery. It is also ideal for use in free-form pages (vs. well-structured layouts based on a template for a consistent look), as contributors can easily select the layout they desire for each row of the grid and then simply drop in the element types they want.

With Containers you get:

For these reasons, PaperThin recommends using Containers instead of Tabular or Scheduled Elements for page layouts. Containers provide all the functionality of Scheduled Elements with the added benefit of flexible positioning, grid system support, HTML5 outlining, and ARIA Landmark roles.

Add Container Elements to pages or templates just as you would any other element - simply choose it from the Layout Elements section of the Element Gallery. Developers can programmatically instantiate a Container elements by CFINCLUDE of the template “ct-render-named-element” with the ‘control’ attribute equal to ‘container’.


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