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Custom Script Elements

The Custom Script Element provides a simple method for including Custom Elements or embedding alternative script elements into your CommonSpot pages or templates.

Custom Script modules are standard ColdFusion CFM files that are either stored within the customcf directory of a site of subsite, or elsewhere accessible to ColdFusion through a logical mapping. In author and read mode on the Authoring Server, the code is ignored. When the page is generated, the appropriate ‘include’ code is placed in the file so that the web server serving the page executes the code properly. You can also pass parameters from CommonSpot to your custom script module by clicking the “Parameters” tab in this dialog and entering name-value pairs “foo=1” (separated by line feed). CommonSpot will automatically convert those values into variables the script can interpret.

There are no limitations as to what these modules may do. The developers within your organization are empowered to develop ColdFusion-based applications, or integrate an existing off-the-shelf application, that can be dropped into any page. For more information on creating modules see the CommonSpot Developer’s Guide.


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