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Entering Data for Custom Elements

Managing data for Custom Elements (both Local and Global) is much like managing content for any other Element in CommonSpot. When a Custom Element is placed on a page, there is an Edit Icon and an Render Properties Icon - both are used to manage content.

In general, you have the ability to first add new content and then edit existing content. This is true for both Local and Global Custom Elements. The Global Custom Element is a bit different in that you have the ability to add multiple “instances” of Custom Element data on the same page, whereas Local Custom Elements allow only one “instance” of Custom Element data.

Note: Do not confuse multiple instances of Custom Element data with multiple instances of the Custom Element:

Refer to Custom Element Types for more information about the similarities/differences between Local and Global Custom Elements. See also the comparison of Global and Local Custom Elements in the Administrator's Reference.

The edit window displayed for Custom Elements vary depending on the types of fields that are created for the Element.

The Edit menu icon for a Global and Local Custom Element are similar when you first place either on the page.

Which you see depends upon the Element and its state. See Selecting Render Mode.

After selecting the Element edit icon, you can either add new data or create a filter option to display Custom Element data that may have been added on other pages by selecting Render Properties.

See the Enter Custom Element Data dialog for more about adding/editing Custom Element data. See the Select Rendering Mode dialog for more information about selecting existing Custom Element data.


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