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Facet-based Navigation Element

For sites using Taxonomy, Facet-based Navigation Element provides a faster information discovery process. Users can intuitively navigate through a defined taxonomy and easily browse and discover information within topic areas based on one or more selected facets, or other topic areas. Selecting narrower terms presents a filtered subset of terms, selecting broader terms, a greater range.

CommonSpot displays content through a navigational interface consisting of three main components:

The Breadcrumb Element indicates location within a facet, with the option to navigate up the information hierarchy to view broader terms. The term-selection list displays relevant narrower terms based on the current selection. The results list, through the Page Index Element, shows all documents relevant to current term selection. The Binding count displays to show how many documents remain under each term when traversing the information hierarchy to further refine or narrow choices.

Choosing Business, as shown below, returns the terms and binding count displayed in the foreground.


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