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Feed Index Element

Often, sites with even a handful of feeds provide one or more pages listing the feeds, along with links to automatically register those feeds with popular Feed Readers. CommonSpot provides this capability out-of-the-box with the Feed Index Element.

A Feed Index Element is similar to a CommonSpot Page Index Element, but a Feed Index Element produces a list of links to XML Publications that have been marked as supporting syndication (for example the out-of-the-box RSS and Atom feeds).

You can set up Feed Index Elements using extremely targeted searches based on owner, creation date, keywords, category, feed format, feed name, and more. Based on your filter criteria, the listing is automatically generated and displayed, and it is automatically updated when the feeds are added, removed, or updated. Using a simple point-and-click interface, you can customize the look of your feeds with more than a dozen pre-defined options, and link instantly to popular RSS readers such as Google, Windows Live, My Yahoo (out-of-the-box).


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