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Formatted Text Block Element

The Formatted Text Block Element renders blocks of rich text in a paragraph format.

One variant of the Formatted Text Block Element allows you to specify a header or title to appear above the text block. The other variant does not include the header or title. You can switch a Formatted Text Block Element to a Simple Text Block Element using the Textblock Properties dialog.

What is the difference between a Formatted Text Block and a Simple Text Block? The Simple Text Block renders plain text. Authors are not able to richly format the text and only a user with design permissions can change the font’s attributes. This may be an option if you wish to limit the user’s ability to control the “look and feel” of the page.

The CommonSpot Rich Text Editor allows authors to control the typeface, size, and color of fonts, apply bold, italic, and underline treatments, include hypertext links, align text, embed hypertext links, indent text, and choose background colors. The rich text editor makes it easy to create presentation-rich content using familiar Microsoft Word-like tools.

The Rich Text Editor that contributors use to enter data can be configured by going to the Site Administration Dashboard and selecting Rich Text Editor Settings from the Authoring Tools accordion left panel.


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