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Heading Element

Despite being one of the oldest HTML elements, headings continue to play an important part in the architecture of a page. Browsers and assistive technologies rely upon literal page markup to determine page structure and use heading levels as a major part of the outline structure presented to users.

The Heading Element renders a heading for a new section as a container, using one of the standard HTML heading levels 1-6. CommonSpot also includes several "Special" heading layouts designed for cases when appearance is more important than information structure. Keep in mind that because these 'Special" representations are non-standard HTML headings, they are not considered significant within the document structure and are not included as part of the document outline.

It's a best practice to use CommonSpot's CSS Style features to get the look and feel you want for your headings, as shown for heading levels 1 and 2 above.

See Content Formatting in the Administrator's Reference for more information.



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