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HTML Element

CommonSpot’s HTML Element allows any HTML document to render within a Text Block on the Web page. This Element is helpful if you already have existing HTML that you want to import into CommonSpot.

After inserting an HTML Element, click its edit icon to display options:

You will use the Upload HTML Content dialog to upload the desired HTML document, including replacing a previously uploaded document with a new document.

You can use the Edit Embedded HTML dialog to modify the document.

There are no layout options associated with the HTML Element, since the formatting and structure of the content is determined by the HTML document itself.

An HTML Element can be the only Element on a CommonSpot page or can be used in combination with other Elements.

A common and effective practice is to use a local word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, to create a document and save it as HTML, and then include the document in a CommonSpot page by using an HTML Element.


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