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Page Index Layout Properties

After selecting Page Index from the Link & List Elements section of the Element Gallery dialog, click the Element Tool icon and select Layout to open the Page Index Layout Properties dialog. Note that you must have design privileges for the page or template you are modifying. CommonSpot provides eight different layout properties, seven of which are standard and one that allows further customization.

The first seven are the most commonly used layouts for displaying a generated link-list of pages. If these standard presentations do not fit your needs, CommonSpot provides options for creating a custom layout from a list of defined layout components. Click the thumbnail image for Custom via parameters to open the Page Index Rendering Properties dialog, to select display controls for page index items.

If the layout options available from this dialog do not fulfill your requirements for look and feel, you can create a Custom Element render handler. Custom Render Handlers are simple ColdFusion modules that provide customized rendering for a particular Element.

Click Save to keep your changes or Cancel to exit without saving. The Page Index Render Properties dialog displays for setting line spacing for page index items and results limits.


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