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Player Settings

Once you choose a multimedia file for your page or template, CommonSpot prompts for player selection, displays associated channel, file size, and format information, and identifies the local or external video-sharing service (Brightcove or YouTube) that will serve your file. To simplify media and player selection and to ensure reliable playback, CommonSpot automatically returns players compatible with your current multimedia selection. If you change a player and then choose different media, CommonSpot returns only those files playable by the selected player.

Once you pick the appropriate player, you can optionally view or change additional player attributes. These properties are both service- and player-specific and are also controlled by editability settings made at the administrative level. See the descriptions for configuring YouTube, Brightcove, and local multimedia and multimedia players in the Administrator's Reference.

Selected: Displays the CommonSpot file name and type of your first selection: single or multiple video, single playlist, Flash, HTML5, etc. This banner displays for your reference when you first define the Multimedia Element and does not update when you choose another file from this dialog. This information does not display when you access this dialog by choosing Player Settings from the Multimedia Element menu.

Channel: Displays the channel associated with your file. Channels may be associated with one or more individual accounts for each service used at your site, and may be used to organize multimedia content in CommonSpot or to apply security. NOTE: Brightcove players are channel-specific and can only play video from the Brightcove channel where they were created. YouTube and local players function globally for each service and can play video from any channel on the service.

Size: File size in kilobytes or megabytes.

Format: The multimedia file format. CommonSpot supports all available file types.

Service: Displays the video-sharing service that hosts your file. Administrators configure availability through Multimedia Services. CommonSpot supports integration of Brightcove and YouTube external multimedia, as well as locally served video.

Player Channel: Displays for all players, but relates only to Brightcove, whose players are bound to Brightcove channels. Selecting Choose under Properties to replace the current video selection restricts choices to files hosted on the Brightcove channel bound to this player. To see video from other Brightcove channels, cancel and return to the Choose Media option. CommonSpot will show players compatible with your new multimedia selection.

Player: Displays service- and file-specific options based on the file type and source of the selected media. If a selected file is playable in multiple formats (for HTML 5, for example), CommonSpot returns players compatible with any of the supported file types, not all of the supported types. CommonSpot supports single-file and multi-file playlist players. Not all services support all player types. Select the player appropriate for the content you are publishing. Note that if you change players and then choose new media from this dialog, CommonSpot returns only those files compatible with your player selection.

Once you click Save, CommonSpot displays a preview image of the player window and controls, along with player type, dimensions, layout, and player-specific properties.

Alignment: Select from the dropdown to choose left, right, or center alignment for multimedia display.

Hide for Menus: Shows/hides this Element when popup menus associated with links on this page display. By default, CommonSpot hides Elements that obstruct other menus displayed on a page. Set this option to No to explicitly show this Element, even when other CommonSpot menus display.

Properties: Provides options to view, change, or choose a multimedia file compatible with the current player, and optionally set output height and width and other attributes. Properties are service-, type -, and player-specific and will vary according to selections made for the preceding fields in this dialog. For example, HTML5 selections will display the following additional source options.

The editability of properties is also controlled by settings defined at the administrative level. Mouse over individual properties for more information or review documentation for players on external service sites. The following items display for all media

Other common properties include the following:

Click Save to keep your settings or Cancel to exit without saving.


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