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Query-by-Example Element

The Query-by-Example (QBE) Element enhances the search capabilities you can provide for your site, enabling users to more easily create filters for retrieving information.

For example, you can allow visitors to search for:

Through the QBE Element, site visitors can query and filter existing data records using a simple form, a custom metadata form, or a Custom Element, and display query results on a page.

Users generate queries through a form configured by selecting fields from the underlying data source. For each field, users can select from a drop-down list of available values. On form submit, CommonSpot renders the results of the user's query within an Element. The type of Element that displays QBE results is a function of the source type selected when the QBE Element was configured, as follows:

QBE Source Type

Results Element

Custom Metadata

Page Index Element, or “Page Result” Datasheet Element

Simple Form

“Simple Form” Datasheet Element

Custom Element

Custom Element, or “Custom Element” Datasheet Element

The recommended process for using a QBE Element is as follows:

  1. Create an empty results page. That is, exclude the results Element from your target results page. Create the empty results page first so that you can reference it when configuring the QBE Element.
  2. Create a page containing a QBE Element and configure it.
  3. Add and configure the results Element on the results page.

Note: You cannot include multimedia fields in QBE Elements.



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