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Schedule and Personalize Element

The Schedule/Personalize Element, commonly referred to as the Scheduled Element, dynamically renders content for known individuals or groups using criteria you define. You can dynamically publish content on a specific date, at a specific time of day, within a specific subsite or page category, or using a variable value or browser type as criteria. You can also use links to trigger dynamic content rendering. Use the Scheduled Element to dynamically render content for one CommonSpot Element at a time. See the Note below.

To schedule the display of multiple Elements, use the Container Element.

CommonSpot also provides a way to personalize content for anonymous users based on browsing rules you define. See visitor context in the Administrator's Reference for more information.

The Scheduled Element is essentially a container or placeholder for dynamically rendered Elements.

For those Elements that render as multiple individual components - Bulleted List Element, Drop Down List of Links Element, Link Bar Element , and Multi-Section Element - you can separately schedule each sub-item.

CommonSpot offers several scheduling options. Here are a few examples of how Elements can be scheduled.

Note: At most, only one of the contained Elements is rendered, even if the scheduling criteria for more than one Element are met. When the scheduling criteria for more than one Element are met, the order defined in the Edit Rendering Criteria dialog determines which Element is rendered. If the scheduling criteria for at least one of the contained Elements are not met, no Element is rendered.

You can configure the Scheduled Element to allow the selection of which Element to render to be triggered by links. To configure the Scheduled Element for this option, use the Schedule Layout Properties dialog.

In the example below, clicking the Tennis tab dynamically displays the associated tennis story. Likewise, clicking the Formula One tab dynamically displays the Formula One story. The Tab Bar Element entries Tennis and Formula One are individually linked to the scheduled Text Around an Image Elements containing the Tennis and Formula One stories.

See Link Element for more information on creating links to Scheduled Elements.


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