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Simple Form Element

The Simple Form Element simplifies the process of creating and adding forms to your site and sharing user-entered information. Creating forms is as easy as entering a form name, defining form fields, determining whether a message or a page displays to users on form submission, and optionally creating an email list to distribute and share submitted form content.

Site administrators can view all forms in use at a site, the number of records created from form submissions, and which pages contain forms. See Simple Forms in the Administrators Reference.

CommonSpot also provides tools for assessing and improving the readability of forms by assistive technologies. See the description of the Forms View in the Contributor's Reference and Defining Default Text in Edit Controls in the Administrators Reference.

For more information on how forms are interpreted by assistive devices and best practices for making forms and other content accessible to all users, see Developing Accessible Content in CommonSpot in the Administrators Reference.

As of release 10.0, simple forms are table-less and rendered as divs in CommonSpot. Release 10.0 also deprecates local font and color properties in favor of style sheets and adds a new color picker and section text fields.

You can globally control rendering for both the simple forms you create and custom forms rendered within CommonSpot. See the description of Global Forms Resource in Site General Settings.

For more information on using Simple Forms, see:

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