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Single Image Element

The Single Image Element renders an image on a CommonSpot page. One variant allows you to specify header and caption text that appears above or below the image.

The other variant does not include header and caption text.

You can switch a Single Image Element from one kind to another using the Image Layout Properties dialog.

You can upload a new image file, or search and select from existing images. The properties that you can specify include width, height, hyperlink actions, and an alternate “rollover” image and descriptive text that CommonSpot displays when users places their cursor over the image.

After inserting a Single Image Element into your page and then clicking” Click here to define a Single Image Element”, CommonSpot displays its Image Layout Properties dialog.


The options in this dialog include:

When a specific gallery is selected, it controls the dialog used to upload a new image and restricts it to the selected gallery. The gallery will be pre-chosen and uneditable.



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