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Using Simple Forms for Data Entry into Custom Elements

Data for a Global Custom Element can be entered by either content contributors through the normal editing interface or non-technical users via a simple form. The Simple Form Element allows for the creation of forms based on the definition of a Global Custom Element. Content contributors simply choose Select Simple Form/Custom Element in the Create/Select Simple Form dialog.

Data entered in the form is added to the Element’s instance data, making the data fully selectable via the Select Rendering Mode option dialog.

One challenge in letting non-contributors add data via a simple form is concern for data validity and integrity. You can put checks in place by adding a status field that is visible to “approvers” only, providing a semi-approval capability. When non-contributors submit the simple forms, the hidden status field defaults to the "needs approval" state. Setting up a datasheet to show "needs approval" records provides a mechanism for review before accepting. Accept "externally submitted content" by setting the state field to an approved state.


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