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Web Process Element

The Web Process Element allows the user to include within a designated region of the page, other Web pages, or scripts that are written in CGI, ASP, or non-ColdFusion applications.

The Web Process Element renders the results of a specified URL, automatically stripping out the <head></head> section of the page and grabbing the contents within the <body></body> tags. You can specify an update schedule to control how often the specified URL is invoked and results captured for display.

This Element allows content contributors to grab the results of a URL on a scheduled basis and display it within the context of their own site. This can be very powerful, but also has many limitations. Some limitations, for example, include:

Links within the results may not work or may navigate the user outside of the site.

URLs with complicated or conflicting JavaScript and style sheets may break.

If a background image or color is specified for the page, it is converted to the background image and color for the table cell in which the Element is rendered.

For more information on the Web Process Element, see Web Process Element Properties.


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