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Word, HTML, & Other Format Elements

CommonSpot offers the following support for integrating other file formats into your CommonSpot pages:

Important Note: When the Windows Operating System went from 32 to 64 bit, CommonSpot was not able to detect the Office applications or call the necessary Office files to perform the conversions. Many environments also turned off the cfregistry tag, which CommonSpot needed to detect whether Word and PowerPoint were installed. In addition, using the CFexecute tag was not recommended for security reasons.

For sites that want to use these elements, CommonSpot assumes that Word and PowerPoint are installed and no longer checks the registry for them.

The CFexecute tag is still used, but only if you manually place a flag in servervars.cfm to turn the Word and PowerPoint elements on.


The conversion functionality also requires that this directory exists:


If the \Desktop folder does not exist, CommonSpot will attempt to create it. If it can't create it, these elements will be disabled. Check the error log for details and to verify that this folder exists. You may have to manually create it. MS Office conversion routines use that directory for temporary storage, and it must exist for the process to work.


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