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From the Portland Hilton to Portland State University (Southbound)
Station Stops: Pioneer Place (SW 5th Avenue) to PSU Urban Center (SW 5th and Mill)
From Portland State University to the Portland Hilton (Northbound)
Station Stops: PSU Urban Center (SW 6th Avenue and Montgomery) to Pioneer Courthouse
(SW 6th Avenue) Walk 0.1 mile north to Hilton Hotel (921 SW 6th Avenue)
Trains run on three lines every 5-15 minutes every day
between 4:30 a.m. and midnight.
Portland City Center
the Nines
Walking Directions from Portland Hilton and Executive
Tower to The Nines Hotel
Start out going north on SW 6th Ave toward SW Taylor St.
Turn right onto SW Morrison St.
525 SW MORRISON ST is on the left.
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