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Teaching physics with WebAssign is like having a team of
qualified assistants to help every student on their level, in
the classroom and at home. WebAssign is the only online
homework system that supports textbooks from all publishers
and one of the few to support labs. And WebAssign gives
you and your students access to thoroughly researched
question collections that emphasize conceptual understanding
—questions developed by leaders in physics education and
proven in hundreds of classrooms nationwide.
Our content team includes content authors, question
coders and quality assurance specialists with deep content
knowledge and advanced degrees in physics. And when it
comes to grading, no other system can match the accuracy
of WebAssign’s advanced grading engine.
Deeper content. Better questions. More textbook
options. An unmatched grading system. It’s amazing what
you can accomplish with the right partner.
With the Right PaRtneR
You Can unloCk the
Mind of eveRY Student.
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