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July 13–17, 2013
Laser Classroom
Booth #104
1419 Main Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Laser Classroom creates resources, partner-
ships, and products to make teaching and
learning about Light, Lasers, and Optics clear,
easy, and affordable. Home of LASER Blox, the
stackable laser designed just for teaching and
Modus Medical
Booth #309
1570 North Routledge Park
London, ONT Canada N6H 5L6
The Modus DeskCAT™ Multi-slice Optical CT
Scanner is ideal for safely teaching the physics
and principles of medical imaging in a class-
room or laboratory setting. DeskCAT™ uses
cone beam geometry, a CMOS camera, and an
LED light source to acquire, reconstruct, and
display 3D CT images. The portable apparatus
comes complete with 4 phantoms, 6 hours of
lab exercises and an unlimited software license.
Additional intermediate and advanced lab
exercises as well as phantoms are available.
PASCO scientific
Booths #212, 214
10101 Foothills Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747
Join us to see how PASCO Capstone software
can revolutionize how you do labs. You have to
try it to believe it and now is your chance! Drop
by our Booth or attend one of our Workshops.
We will also demonstrate the new powerful 850
Universal Interface which works with all types
of PASCO sensors (both the blue PASPORT
and the black ScienceWorkshop sensors). One
workshop participant will win a free PASCO
Capstone Site License.
Booths #311, 313
1 Lake Street
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
Pearson is the world’s leading learning com-
pany. We partner with faculty and institutions
to create innovative solutions to improve
student achievement and institutional effective-
ness. We support learning from the time a child
enters school throughout their educational
journey. We aim to help students get to college
and succeed there, enter the workforce, and
attain their professional goals. We create and
connect content, technology, assessment, and
services to create unique learning solutions. We
also deliver services that can help schools and
academic institutions achieve their goals.
Perimeter Institute for
Theoretical Physics
Booth #210
31 Caroline Street N.
Waterloo, ONT Canada N2I 2Y5
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics is an
independent, non-profit charity, research insti-
tute whose mission is to make breakthroughs
in our understanding of our universe and the
forces that govern it. Such breakthroughs drive
advances across the sciences and the develop-
ment of transformative new technologies. Lo-
cated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Perimeter
also provides a wide array of research, training,
and educational outreach activities to nurture
scientific talent and share the importance of
discovery and innovation.
Booth #213
29 Moose Mt. Lodge Road
Etna, NH 03750
Vacuum energy (dark energy) and inflation is
the subject of our four papers to be published
The Physics Teacher
magazine this fall. We
are modifying the Physics2000 textbook to
include this material in the new Physics2013
introductory text. We are doing this by
including an optional astronomy section to
provide a background for the new cosmology
equivalent to the historical background that
textbooks provide for Newtonian mechanics.
Our workshop will be on the new structure
for the Physics2013 text.
Booth #208
541 Cowper Street, Suite D
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Piazza is a free online Q&A platform built
to replace less effective discussion boards
commonly adopted in classrooms. It was
made popular by widespread use at Stanford,
Harvard, Princeton, and MIT. Today it is used
by hundreds of thousands of students every
term. Piazza saves you time and improves your
interactions with students.
Quality Educational
Booth #110
108 110th Ave., Court E
Edgewood, WA 98372
Quality Educational Demonstrations is an
innovative new company, producing unique
and exceptional physics demonstration equip-
ment. QED demonstrations will energize your
classes and ignite your students’ passion for
physics. To check out our latest product line,
stop by and see us at Booth 110!
Sapling Learning
Booth #400
211 East 7th Street, 4th Floor
Austin, TX 78701
Sapling Learning provides the most effective
interactive homework and instruction that
improves student learning outcomes for the
problem-solving disciplines. We offer an en-
joyable teaching and effective learning experi-
ence that is distinctive, easy-to-use; targeted,
instructional content, unsurpassed service and
support by PhD- and Masters-level colleagues,
and textbook independent.
Society of Physics Students
Booth #300
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740
The Society of Physics Students (SPS), along
with Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics
honor society, are chapter-based organizations
housed within the American Institute of Phys-
ics. SPS strives to serve all physics students
and their mentors with a chapter in nearly
every physics program in the country and sev-
eral international chapters. Sigma Pi Sigma,
with nearly 80,000 historical members, recog-
nizes high achievement among outstanding
students and physics professionals. SPS and
Sigma Pi Sigma programs demonstrate a long-
term commitment to service both within the
physics community and throughout society as
a whole through outreach and public engage-
ment. Partnerships with AIP member societ-
ies introduce SPS student members to the
professional culture of physics and convey the
importance of participation in a professional
society. SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma support
scholarships, research awards, physics project
awards, outreach/service awards for under-
graduate students, and a Summer Science
Research Clearinghouse, where thousands of
summer research positions are listed (
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