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Special Thanks
AAPT wishes to thank the following persons for their dedi-
cation and selfless contributions to the Summer Meeting:
Local organizers:
Ralf Widenhorn, Portland State University
Elliot Mylott, Portland State University
Paper sorters:
Andy Gavrin (Committee on Physics in Undergraduate
David Sturm (Apparatus)
Geraldine Cochran (Minorities)
Mac Stetzer (RiPE)
Mary Mogge (as incoming program chair for Orlando)
Toni Sauncy (SPS contributions)
Mary Beth Monroe (program chair)
AAPT Sustaining Members
The American Association of Physics Teachers is extremely
grateful to the following companies who have
generously supported AAPT over the years:
American 3B Scientific
Arbor Scientific
AU Physics Enterprises
Derby Magic
Educational Innovations, Inc.
Engineering-Scientific Services, Inc.
Expert TA
Japan Artec, Inc.
Laser Classroom
McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Modus Medical Devices Inc.
PASCO scientific
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Quality Educational Demonstrations
The Science Source
Spectrum Techniques LLC
SVS Labs
TeachSpin, Inc.
Tel-Atomic, Inc.
Vernier Software & Technology
W H Freeman & Company
Ward’s Science
AAPT Executive Board
Gay B. Stewart,
University of Arkansas
Fayettevile, AR
Mary Beth Monroe,
President Elect
Southwest Texas Junior College
Uvalde, TX
Mary Elizabeth Mogge,
Vice President
California State Polytechnic University
Pomona, CA
Wolfgang Christian,
Davidson College
Davidson, NC
Steven Iona
, Treasurer
University of Denver
Denver, CO
Jill A. Marshall,
Past President
University of Texas – Austin
Austin, TX
Gregory Puskar,
Chair of Section
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV
Elaine Gwinn,
Vice Chair of Section
Shenandoah High School
Middletown, IN
Diane M. Riendeau,
at large (High
School Representative)
Deerfield High School
Deerfield, IL
Paul Williams,
at large (2-Year College
Austin Community College
Austin, TX
Aaron P. Titus,
at large (4-Year College
High Point University
High Point, NC
Karl C. Mamola
(ex officio)
The Physics Teacher
David P. Jackson
(ex officio)
Amer. Journal of Physics
Robert C. Hilborn
(ex officio)
AAPT Associate Executive Officer
Beth A. Cunningham
(ex officio)
AAPT Executive Officer
Meeting Registration Desk:
AAPT Programs & Conferences Dept:
Tiffany Hayes, Director, Programs &
Cerena Cantrell, Associate Director, Programs
& Conferences
Janet Lane, Programs Administrator
Pearl Watson, Meetings Logistics & Registration
American Association of Physics Teachers
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD USA 20740-3845
301-209-3340, fax: 301-209-0845
Facebook/Twitter at Meeting
We will be tweeting and posting updates to Facebook,
before, during, and after the meeting to provide you with
details and helpful tips. Participate in the conversation by
reading the latest tweets at
or search the
hashtag #aaptsm13
. Don’t forget to include
that hashtag in your tweets! Make sure to check social
media for any changes to the schedule, cancellations, and
general announcements during the meeting.
Follow us to stay up to the minute!
Like us on Facebook at
and follow us at
on Twitter
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