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July 26–30, 2014
AAPT is in search of Physics Departments of Colleges and
Universities interested in hosting national meeting work-
shops and pre-conference meetings in 2017 and 2018. This
is a great opportunity to support AAPT national meeting
and showcase the physics program at your university.
The following meetings are in the process of being vetted,
and priority will be given to locations where Local Hosts
show support.
2017 Summer Meeting
host sites would be in the middle
of the country.
2018 Winter Meeting
host sites would be in the South
West Coast.
2018 Summer Meeting
host site would be in the Mid-
Atlantic and Northeast areas.
General information for Local Hosts to consider:
• National Meetings typically occur in January/February
(winter) and July/August (summer).
• Average attendance: 800–1,000 (winter), 1,000–1,200
• 30–40 Half-and Full-Day workshops occur on Saturday
and Sunday.
• Smaller tandem meetings prior to and following the
AAPT National Meeting ranging from 40 to 150 people
are planned annually and will be supported by Local
• A mix of campus and local hospitality community
engagements will be required for a successful National
• Local Hosts will need to submit a letter of support to
AAPT prior to a site visit being planned and be a part of
showcasing the area.
• A final presentation to the Meetings Committee shall
take place either during a summer or winter meeting
prior to a meeting being awarded.
All interested universities will be properly vetted; however,
those that have the support of the hospitality community
and resources (hotels, restaurants, distance to airport,
activities, etc.) to fully manage the group will be considered
for a site visit.
Meeting elements to be considered prior to deciding
to become a Local Host:
Proximity to Airport.
2) Sleeping Rooms
– Dorm rooms (summer meetings
only) and proximity to nearby hotels.
3) Meals
– Mostly on own – Proximity to a variety of
restaurants during workshops.
4) AAPT Workshops
(Saturday and Sunday only): a mini-
mum of 10 Lab rooms at University.
– Physics Education Research (PER) group begins
their “mini” conference for 240 participants, includ-
ing 50 poster boards, plenary room and five breakout
– Possible Physics Teaching Resource Agents
(PTRA) meeting for approximately 40 teachers one
week prior to Summer Meeting. Will require additional
dorm/hotel rooms.
7) Additional Pre-meeting Workshops
– the possibility of
an Advance Laboratory Physics Association or Two Year
College Workshop would be held during a specific year.
Additional information required.
To receive detailed requests for proposal, contact the
Programs and Conference Department via
or 301-209-3340.
for 2017 and 2018
National Meetings
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