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Hashim A. Yamani AAPT Memberships:
two-year sponsored memberships
Submitting an Application
The deadline for receipt of applications each year is July 1. All applications received by that date
will be considered for a membership that will start on September 1 and run through August 31
two years later. A completed application will consist of:
1. The completed online application at
2. A one-page narrative statement of the applicant’s background and career plans, including a statement
about the applicant’s interest in AAPT and his or her perception of how AAPT might contribute to
preparation for a teaching career.
3. The name of and contact information of one individual who can verify the applicant’s qualifications.
Learn more and apply online at
Each year, AAPT awards several two-year
Hashim A.
Yamani AAPT Memberships
, which are regular electronic
memberships and include electronic-only access to copies of
American Journal of Physics
The Physics Teacher
, and
Physics Today
. These awards are supported by the Hashim A.
Yamani Fund, which was endowed in 2011 by generous con-
tributions from several colleagues and mentees of Dr. Hashim
A. Yamani, a prominent and well-respected physics educator,
researcher, and public servant in Saudi Arabia. An individual
eligible for a Yamani Membership must be either an under-
graduate senior who is planning a career teaching physics in
his or her native country, or a graduate student who is in his
or her last two years before receiving his or her final post-
baccalaureate degree and who is planning a career teaching
physics in his or her native country, or an early-career profes-
sional in his or her first five years of physics teaching in his
or her native country. Citizens of any country in the world
are eligible for support, but citizens of developing countries
in such areas as the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia
will have priority over citizens of developed countries in such
areas as North America and Western Europe.
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